Did you know that the trademark is a territorial right, given by the applicable Intellectual Property Office? And that there are many types of trademarks such as word, figurative, three-dimensional, etc?  

Registered trademark gives its owner an exclusive right to use, reproduce and  license out its mark to anyone. It also entitles him/her to prevent others from using the registered trademark without prior consent or to use:

  • any kind of mark that is similar to the registered trademark within the same product or service categories;
  • any kind of mark that would cause a confusion with normal customer (because of its similarities);
  • any kind of  mark that is considered to be well known mark (for example: Coca-Cola, Microsoft etc.)

Registered trademark carries a number of benefits for its owner:

  • guarantees legal protection;
  • attracts faithful group of consumers;
  • helps with market segmentation and positioning of the products within the market;
  • helps with building a positive brand image of the company;
  • etc.

There are number of ways to register a trademark:

  • Through local Intellectual Property Offices - Trademark registration in Slovenia with IPRC d.o.o..
  • International application - Using just one application to cover all desired countries (prior existence of national application/registration needed) - Trademark registration in Slovenia with IPRC
  • Regional application (for instance in entire EU) - Trademark registration in EU with IPRC.

IPRC is a professional representative for trademarks and designs in OHIM (Office for Harmonization in Internal Market) and SIPO (Slovenian Intellectual Property Office) registration procedures.

Contact IPRC for your trademark registration TODAY.


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